Country studies and coal markets

China - policies, HELE technologies and CO2 reductions, CCC/269

CCC/269 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-592-1

As the world’s largest consumer of coal and leading CO2 emitter, China’s role in the international effort to combat climate change can hardly be overstated. The challenges China faces to control emission and ... More...


Potential water sources for coal-fired power plants, CCC/266

CCC/266 - ISBN: 978-92-9029–589-1

Global energy demand is rising, while water is becoming a scarcer commodity in many parts of the world due to overexploitation, droughts, heat waves, and other factors. Meeting the growing demand will place increasing stress ... More...


New regulatory trends: effects on coal fired power plants and coal demand, CCC/262

CCC/262 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-585-3

This review presents the recent regulatory trends, practices and developments, in major coal producing and consuming countries, which are affecting and may influence future demand for coal and coal-fired power generation. As ... More...


Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in Greece, CCC/261

CCC/261 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-584-6

Greece’s financial crisis continues to have a major impact on all facets of the country’s economy – recent years have seen this contract by nearly a quarter. The period has seen the deepest and most pro... More...


Coal contracts and long-term supplies, CCC/258

CCC/258 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-581-5

Coal contracts can be typically split into two broad categories, spot contracts (single shipments) and term contracts (multiple shipments). Term contracts can span any period, but in China in 2014, the National Developme... More...


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