Coal to liquids, CCC/132

CCC/132 - ISBN: 978-97-9029-451-1

There is a great deal of current interest in the possibility of converting coal into liquid transport fuels. This is centred on three key countries with large coal reserves but which have limited resources and reserves o... More...


Research & development needs for clean coal deployment, CCC/130

CCC/130 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-449-3

This report examines the research and development needs necessary for the deployment of clean coal technologies. Both increasesin energy conversion efficiency through the development of conventional steam power plants (SPP) a... More...


Properties and behaviour of SO2 adsorbents for CFBC, CCC/128

CCC/128 - ISBN: 92-9029-447-7

Sulphur capture in CFBC boilers usually relies on addition of limestone, which is not used efficiently. Limestones with lower sulphation capacities are undesirable because they increase the raw materials and the residues requ... More...


Cofiring of coal and waste fuels, CCC/126

CCC/126 - ISBN: 92-9029-445-0

There has been considerable interest in cofiring both biomass and waste fuels in coal-fired power plants in recent years. This is principally due to concerns regarding the emissions of greenhouse gases from these plants. Biom... More...


Post combustion carbon capture from coal fired plants - solvent scrubbing, CCC/125

CCC/125 - ISBN: 92-9029-444-2

The potential use of solvents for carbon dioxide capture from the flue gas from coal fired power plants is reviewed. After an introduction to solvent absorption of CO2, the use of alkanolamine solvents, particularly monoethan... More...


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