Power generation

Improving the competitiveness of next generation coal-fired plants, CCC/52

CCC/52 - ISBN: 92-9029-365-9

The liberalisation of electric power generation is producing a more competitive environment which sooner or later, may undermine research and development in the industry and be detrimental to security of electricity supply an... More...


Fuel cells - use with coal and other solid fuels, CCC/47

CCC/47 - ISBN: 92-9029-359-4

Fuel cell developers are focusing on natural gas for their market entry products in the stationary generation market. However, future fuel cell power systems could be fuelled by hydrogen produced by the gasification of coal. ... More...


Ageing of coal-fired power plants, CCC/45

CCC/45 - ISBN: 92-9029-357-8

In most cases coal-fired power plant can have its life extended by a factor of 50-100% over the original design life. This arises in part from the conservative assumptions made in the original design process and in part is a ... More...


Hybrid plants for coal and natural gas firing, CCC/43

CCC/43 - ISBN: 92-9029-351-1

The operation of hybrid plant, which can fire both coal and natural gas, has become increasingly more commonplace in recent years. There are several advantages for a power plan... More...


Power station refurbishment - opportunities for coal, IEACR/42

IEACR/42 - ISBN: 92-9029-195-8

This report is concerned with opportunities for coal in power station projects aimed at upgrading and refurbishment of existing sites. Where advantage can be taken of the fact that there is an existing licence for power gener... More...


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