Power generation

Prospects for upgrading coal-fired power plants, CCC/41

CCC/41 - ISBN: 92-9029-353-5

Upgrading ageing power plants can be a cost-effective option for extending their residual life, increasing capacity, efficiency and performance, reducing operating and maintenance costs, enhancing reliability and availability... More...


Advanced clean coal technologies and low value coals, CCC/39

CCC/39 - ISBN: 92-9029-351-9

This study investigates the application of low value coals to advanced clean coal technologies, namely Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC), Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion (CFBC), Pressurised Fluidised Bed Comb... More...


Ceramics for advanced power generation, CCC/37

CCC/37 - ISBN: 92-9029-349-7

Advanced clean coal technologies are being actively pursued to improve the competitiveness and environmental performance of coal-fired power generation. New materials are required which can meet the increasingly demanding ope... More...


OECD coal-fired power generation - trends in the 1990s, IEAPER/33

IEAPER/33 - ISBN: 92-9029-282-2

The latest in the series of Perspectives reports from IEA Coal Research reviews the trends in the planning and construction of new coal-fired plants entering service within the OECD in the period 1991-2000. During the 1990s, ... More...


Non-baseload operation of coal-fired power plants, CCC/33

CCC/33 - ISBN: 92-9029-343-8

This report examines the issues concerning non-baseload operation of coal-fired power plant. The nature of cyclic demand, issues affecting how coal plant is used for non-baseload operations and how operators assess the costs ... More...


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