Power generation

R&D programmes for clean coal technologies, CCC/244

CCC/244 - ISBN: 979-92-9029-566-2

Coal is an important energy source for the power industry due to its low cost and wide distribution. Improving coal’s environmental performance is key to its future role in the energy mix, especially as emissions regula... More...


Increasing the flexibility of coal-fired power plants, CCC/242

CCC/242 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-564-8

Increasingly, coal-fired power plants are required to balance power grids by compensating for the variable electricity supply from renewable energy sources. For this, high flexibility is needed, in terms of possessing resilie... More...


Upgrading the efficiency of the world's coal fleet to reduce CO2 emissions, CCC/237

CCC/237 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-557-0

This study examines the role of HELE (high efficiency, low emission) coal-fired power plant in helping to meet the goal of reduced carbon dioxide emissions by setting out an overview of the prospects for the role of HELE tech... More...


High temperature steels in pulverised coal technology, CCC/234

CCC/234 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-554-9

Pulverised coal combustion (PCC) power plant with supercritical (SC) steam parameters have been operational for over forty years and ultra-supercritical (USC) PCC plant have been operational for just over twenty years. This s... More...


Status of advanced ultra-supercritical pulverised coal technology, CCC/229

CCC/229 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-549-5

In pulverised coal combustion (PCC) power plant, increasing the maximum temperature of the steam cycle increases the electrical efficiency, which in turn lowers both coal consumption and flue gas emissions. However, the ... More...