Environmental policy and legislation

Clean coal technologies for a carbon-constrained world, CCC/123 

CCC/123 - ISBN: 92-9029-442-6

Coal will continue to play a major role in the global energy system for the coming decades. Climate change mitigation policiesand measures may put stricter caps on emission of greenhouse gases. This report analyses what role ... More...


European legislation (revised LCPD and EU ETS) and coal, CCC/121

CCC/121 - ISBN: 92-9029-439-6

The revised (2001) Large Combustion Plants Directive (LCPD) is a legislative tool that mandates further reduction of SO2, NOx and particulate matter emissions compared to those required in the first LCPD (adopted in 1988) fro... More...


Trends in SO2 emissions, CCC/115

CCC/115 - ISBN: 92-9029-432-0

Over the last century, growing population and expanding economic activities resulted in a significant increase in energy consumption, road transport volume and industrial output leading to dramatic increases in SO2 and other ... More...


Emission standards handbook, IEACR/96

IEACR/96 - ISBN: 92-9029-290-3

As concern about local, regional and transboundary effects of air pollution increases, air pollutant legislation is being introduced or is being made more stringent around the world. In Western Europe, North America and Japan... More...


Sulphur and coal, IEACR/57

IEACR/57 - ISBN: 92-9029-215-6

Emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO 2 ) from combustion of coal and other fossil fuels have caused increasing concern because of their potential impacts on human health and the environment. The introduction of legislati... More...

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