CO2 mitigation

Flue gas treatment for CO2 capture, CCC/169

CCC/169 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-489-4

This report is in two sections: the first describes the flue gas and its treatment in post-combustion capture and the second covers the flue gas in oxyfuel combustion capture. The main components of the flue gas in pulverised... More...


Capture and storage of CO2 with other air pollutants, CCC/162

CCC/162 - ISBN: 978-92-9029-482-5

This report focuses on the combined capture and storage of multiple gases (CO2 and at least one other gas) from processes that use or treat fossil fuels. It concentrates on coal-based power systems, although many of the issue... More...


Post-combustion carbon capture - solid sorbents and membranes, CCC/144

CCC/144 - ISBN: ISBN 978-92-9029-643-4

This report follows on from that on solvent scrubbing for post-combustion carbon capture from coal-fired power plants by considering the use of solid sorbents and membranes instead of solvents. First, mesoporous and microporo... More...


Post combustion carbon capture from coal fired plants - solvent scrubbing, CCC/125

CCC/125 - ISBN: 92-9029-444-2

The potential use of solvents for carbon dioxide capture from the flue gas from coal fired power plants is reviewed. After an introduction to solvent absorption of CO2, the use of alkanolamine solvents, particularly monoethan... More...


Implications of forestry carbon offsets for the coal industry, CCC/108

CCC/108 - ISBN: 92-9029-424-8

This report discusses the science behind carbon forestry offsets, the institutional setting around the Kyoto flexible mechanisms and current developments. In addition, the cost and potential and barriers to implementation of ... More...

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