Matching gasifiers to coals, CCC/65

CCC/65 - ISBN: 92-9029-380-2

The gasification of coal to produce a syngas for use either in power generation or/and synthesis applicatio... More...


Modelling and simulation for coal gasification, CCC/42

CCC/42 - ISBN: 92-9029-354-3

Following a previous report on Coal combustion modelling, this short report covers the recent development in coal gasification modelling and simulation, which is a relatively new field. Mathematical modelling is increasingly ... More...


Coal gasification for IGCC power generation, IEACR/37

IEACR/37 - ISBN: 92-9029-190-7

Concern for environmental issues has generated increasing interest in new technologies for coal utilisation which offer increased efficiency with reduced emissions. Coal gasification is a well established technology for the p... More...

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