Coal production prospects in the European Community, IEACR/48

Author(s): Martin Daniel, Eric Jamieson

Ref: IEACR/48
ISBN: 92-9029-202-4
Published Date: 01/03/1992
No. of Tables: 48
No. of Figures: 33
No. of Pages: 78


The report covers coal production and supply prospects in the six countries of the European Community which produce over 1 Mt/y of hard coal, brown coal or lignite. The countries are Belgium, France, Germany (including eastern Germany), Greece, Spain and the United Kingdom. The report assesses the policies adopted towards coal supply in each country and in the EC as a whole. Current and prospective coal output, costs and demand are analysed in detail for each country. Projections of coal demand, production and imports up to 2000 are made for each country.

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