Fuel peat - world resources and utilisation, IEACR/56

Author(s): Gordon Couch

Ref: IEACR/56
ISBN: 92-9029-214-8
Published Date: 01/03/1993
No. of Tables: 15
No. of Figures: 85
No. of Pages: 118


There are substantial quantities of fuel peat worldwide, mainly in Canada, Russia, Northern Europe, and in tropical countries such as Indonesia. Use has developed on the basis of need, and following the 1970s oil crisis, there was active development work in Canada, Finland, Ireland, Sweden and in the USA. Intensive investigations into harvesting conditions have resulted in increased yields under given climatic conditions. Wet recovery systems and subsequent dewatering are being studied, but are not yet economically viable. New power generation plant has been built recently in Finland, Ireland and Sweden with a maximum size of about 150 MWe to utilise fuel peat. There have been advances in the technology of both combustion and gasification. With the decline in oil prices during the latter part of the 1980s, fuel peat has become less competitive, but its use can still be appropriate in remote areas where the socio-economic implications of use are taken into account.

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