Major coalfields of the world (2nd edition), CCC/32

Author(s): Simon Walker

Ref: CCC/32
ISBN: 92-9029-342-X
Published Date: 01/06/2000
No. of Tables: 67
No. of Figures: 56
No. of Pages: 131


A relatively small number of world coalfields account for a major proportion of annual production of hard coal and lignite. International trade in coal for both power station and metallurgical use is continuing to grow, with fierce competition between a small number of suppliers to the world market. In consequence, coal prices are continuing to fall in real terms, forcing producers to make more efficient use of their investment in capital equipment and coal resources. Consolidation of productive capacity is happening worldwide. This report reviews the world's principal coalfields in terms of their geology, industry structure, infrastructure, production costs and future potential over a 20-year time span. Commencing with an overview of the coal industry worldwide at the end of the 1990s, the report then features a review of the formation of coal and lignite deposits at various stages in geological history, and the differences in coal type, rank and grade that resulted. Subsequent chapters analyse the major coalfields in 18 coal-producing countries against this background. Some of the countries discussed are significant exporters while others rely on imported hard coal for their energy supplies. Members of another group utilise their lignite resources for domestic energy production. The report concludes with a compilation of national criteria for coal deposit reserve estimation.

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