On-line analysis of coal, IEACR/40

Author(s): Andrew T Kirchner

Ref: IEACR/40
ISBN: 92-9029-193-1
Published Date: 01/09/1991
No. of Tables: 16
No. of Figures: 59
No. of Pages: 79


On-line analysis has been gaining increasing acceptance in recent years and allows for the almost instantaneous monitoring of coal quality information. This report describes the underlying principles behind the technology, the equipment available, its application in the coal industry and the economic benefits that can be obtained. A comprehensive list of current analyser installation is included. On-line analysis can be used to measure several important bulk coal quality parameters, such as ash, heating value and moisture. It can also provide information on the elemental composition of the coal. Over 450 on-line ash and elemental analysers are in operation worldwide. An important advantage of this technology is the ability to monitor large samples of coal, in many cases several hundred tonnes per hour. With such flow rates, sampling errors are reduced so that the sample analysed is likely to be more representative of the total load. Many users have demonstrated that it is possible to use this `instantaneous' information to optimise production, processing and utilisation operations, so that payback times of under 12 months have been reported.

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