Nitrogen in coal, IEAPER/08


Ref: IEAPER/08
ISBN: 92-9029-230-X
Published Date: 01/01/1994
No. of Tables: 7
No. of Figures: 31
No. of Pages: 32


Literature on nitrogen in coal is reviewed. Nitrogen is probably the least studied of the principal elements in coal, but has recently gained more attention. Except in rare cases, the nitrogen present in coal is bound into the organic carbonaceous part. The review begins by looking at the total amounts of nitrogen present and the analysis methods for determining it. Nitrogen variation by rank, in different macerals, and (rarely) in coal minerals is also considered. The distribution of nitrogen functional groups in coal-derived extracts and liquids is then examined. Although interest in these products has lessened in recent years, they can provide corroborative evidence for the types of nitrogen structures to be found in solid coal. Modern instrumental techniques, principally X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, have been used to study nitrogen in solid coal. X-ray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy have also been used. The dominant nitrogen form in solid coal is pyrrolic. The influence of the functionality of the fuel nitrogen on nitrogen oxide emissions from coal combustion is then addressed. The effects of total coal nitrogen, coal rank and nitrogen functionality in the volatiles and the chars are considered. The evidence at present is insufficient to correlate coal nitrogen with the amounts and types of nitrogenous emissions.

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