Developments affecting metallurgical uses of coal, IEACR/74

Author(s): David H Scott

Ref: IEACR/74
ISBN: 92-9029-243-1
Published Date: 01/09/1994
No. of Tables: 33
No. of Figures: 42
No. of Pages: 92


A review of technologies used in the production of iron and steel. Nearly half the tonnage of internationally traded coal is accounted for by coking coal and, generally, coking coals command premium prices. However, economic and environmental considerations, together with the limited availability of suitable coals, are reducing the attractiveness of the conventional coke ovens/blast furnace route to the production of iron. Currently, a range of technologies is under development designed to reduce the rate of coke consumption in the blast furnace, to make the coke production process more environmentally friendly or to provide alternative routes to iron production replacing both the coke oven and the blast furnace. The new technologies are examined in relation to existing technology and possible implications of their introduction, for the metallurgical uses of coal, are considered.

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