Fundamentals of pulverised coal combustion, CCC/95

Author(s): Zhangfa Wu

Ref: CCC/95
ISBN: 92-9029-410-8
Published Date: 01/03/2005
No. of Tables: 4
No. of Figures: 21
No. of Pages: 36


This report updates the 1986 review on the topic from IEA Clean Coal Centre. It addresses the processes and their underlying mechanisms involved in pulverised coal combustion namely: drying and heating, devolatilisation, volatile oxidation and char oxidation. Pollutant formation during combustion is also reviewed. How these processes may be affected by coal properties and combustion conditions is discussed. Finally, the areas where further research may be required are identified. Although the report only addresses pulverised coal combustion, many of the processes and mechanisms are relevant to fluidised bed combustion and to other solid fuels.

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