Materials development for coal, biomass and waste fuel plants, CCC/61

Author(s): Ruksana Moreea-Taha

Ref: CCC/61
ISBN: 92-9029-374-8
Published Date: 01/08/2002
No. of Tables: 15
No. of Figures: 19
No. of Pages: 60


The development of pulverised coal-fired plants with supercritical and advanced supercritical steam condistions has been made possible by the introduction of advanced ferritic steels containing chromium. Further increases in steam conditiond (37 MPa and 700? C) will depend on the development of nickel base super alloys. Ultra supercritical steam conditions are now considered as conventional and are being applied to power plants burning combinations of coal and other fuels/biomass/wastes. To date there have not been problems reported with corrosion bit it remains an area of potential concern. This report gives an overview of the on-going research into corrosion issues with use of coal, waste and biomass (namely straw) with newer materials.

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