Current design and construction of coal-fired power plant, CCC/90

Author(s): Rohan Fernando

Ref: CCC/90
ISBN: 92-9029-405-1
Published Date: 01/10/2004
No. of Tables: 13
No. of Figures: 9
No. of Pages: 32


Though coal is the dominant global fuel for power generation, since the late 1990s there have been relatively few new coal-fired plants constructed in some regions of the world. In USA and in Europe, the construction of coal-fired plants has been adversely affected by the increased availability of natural gas and the efficiency and perceived competitiveness of gas-fired combined cycle technology. In emerging markets, with the exception of China, economic recession combined with market structure and financing problems have constrained the implementation of coal projects. However, since 2000 there has been a pick up in the interest in coal-fired generation in many areas, though the coal-fired boiler orders placed have mainly been in China, some in India, few in the rest of South-East Asia and in North America but practically none in Western Europe.

The reduction in the construction of new generating plants in the late 1990s coupled with market liberalisation have led to the merger of some power construction companies and the collapse of others. It is, hence, desirable to know which companies are presently involved in the construction of coal-fired power plant and in what regions of the world they operate. This report collates available information on these projects. The report first compares the different technologies for coal-fired power generation. It then considers the global market for coal-fired plant construction. Data are tabulated on the location of coal-fired plants presently under construction and the boiler manufacturers receiving orders for each year since 2001 and for the whole period from 1993 to 2002. Information is also presented on current coal-fired power plant projects with a more detailed description of the Millmerran, Seward, Yangcheng, Manjung and Niederaussem projects.

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