Sampling and analysis of trace emissions from coal-fired power stations, IEACR/77

Author(s): LL Sloss, Clare Gardner

Ref: IEACR/77
ISBN: 92-9029-250-4
Published Date: 01/06/1994
No. of Tables: 11
No. of Figures: 25
No. of Pages: 74


Trace emissions from coal-fired power plants include nitrous oxide, halides, trace elements and organic compounds. Accurate measurement of these emissions is important in the evaluation of coal as a source of pollutants on a local, regional and global scale. This report reviews the technologies available for sampling trace emissions in the stacks of coal-fired power plants and for analysing the samples collected. The practical limitations of the various techniques used are discussed and the importance of quality control and quality assurance stressed. Emission standards relevant to trace emissions from coal-fired plants and standard methods of trace emission sampling and analysis are described for IEA countries. At present, few countries set specific limits for trace emissions and those that do have no legally enforceable standards for sampling and analysis. National and international efforts are currently being directed towards the establishment of such standards. One of the most important aspects of this research will be to ensure that results are provided with a valid accuracy range or a statistical definition as to their precision and reliability. This will ensure that the final values are used realistically in emission inventories, risk assessment studies and compliance tests.

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