Continuous emissions monitoring for coal-fired power stations, IEACR/94

Author(s): LL Sloss

Ref: IEACR/94
ISBN: 92-9029-288-1
Published Date: 01/07/1997
No. of Tables: 7
No. of Figures: 16
No. of Pages: 51


Continuous emissions monitoring for coal-fired power stations is now required by law in several countries in Europe and in the USA. Measurements of emissions of major pollutants such as particulates, SO2, and NOx are undertaken to ensure compliance of individual sources with emission standards. The data from CEMs are to be used for emissions trading allowances in the USA. In addition to acting as emission watchdogs, CEMs may also provide data for improving plant management and for assessing the efficiency of pollution control equipment. Although CEMs are not used for combustion control, the information they provide can be used for feedback controls on systems such as selective catalytic reduction of NOx emissions. This report summarises the various types of CEMs available for measuring emissions from coal-fired power stations indicating the advantages and disadvantages of each system. A review of the procedures for data acquisition and handling is included along with a discussion of how the information is used by plant operators. The report also surveys the different approaches to continuous emissions monitoring within various countries.

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