Environmental impact assessment for coal, IEACR/46

Author(s): Tim Jones

Ref: IEACR/46
ISBN: 92-9029-199-0
Published Date: 01/02/1992
No. of Tables: 13
No. of Figures: 21
No. of Pages: 79


This report examines the process of environmental impact assessment (EIA) of coal-related projects from an international perspective. Current legislation in selected coal user and producer countries is reviewed, and the requirements for EIA of coal-related projects is determined. Key producers in EIA are described and experience with EIA on coal-related projects is assessed. Potential effects of EIA requirements, such as costs, delays, modifications and benefits are examined and in conclusion the report suggests improvements to environmental impact assessment for coal. The EIA process up to the point of submission of the final environmental statement is studied. The report does not examine the other components of a planning application and it does not attempt to analyse the decision-making process of other matters such as a public inquiry.

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