NOx control installations on coal-fired plants, IEACR/34

Author(s): Anna-Karin Hjalmarsson ,

Ref: IEACR/34
ISBN: 92-9029-186-9
Published Date: 01/03/1991
No. of Tables: 9
No. of Figures: 5
No. of Pages: 108


As controls over nitrogen oxide emissions have become progressively more stringent during the 1980s, an increasing number of coal-fired plants have been fitted with combustion modifications and flue gas denitrification installations to comply with the regulations and limits imposed in a growing number of countries. This report is a compilation of data, gathered from around the world, on NOx installations on conventional coal-fired units. The information has been taken from the IEA Coal Research NOx installations database. The database contains details of over 550 boilers with an appropriate total capacity of 179 GWE, worldwide, equipped with NOx control by the end of 1990. It also contains a further 114 boilers with a total capacity of over 42 GWE that will be equipped with NOx control in the future. The tables extracted from the database for this report are broken down by the type of process used in each installation. A capacity of about 175 GWE of coal-fired plants has already been equipped with combustion measures for NOx control and a total capacity of approximately 41 GWE has been fitted with flue gas denitrification, mainly selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Selective non-catalytic processes or combined SOx and NOx processes are installed on a limited number of plants.

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