FGD installations on coal-fired plants (2nd edition), IEACR/71


Ref: IEACR/71
ISBN: 92-9029-239-3
Published Date: 01/06/1994
No. of Tables: 9
No. of Figures: 9
No. of Pages: 166


This report by Herminé “oud updates an earlier review of FGD installations on coal-fired plants, published in 1990. It provides information on all existing and planned FGD installations known to IEA Coal Research. Power stations as well as industrial facilities (where possible) burning any type of coal (or a combination of coal and other fuel) are included. The report lists the name, size and gross capacity in MWe of the coal-fired unit with FGD, by country. In addition, it includes the system type, system name, supplier, sorbent, by-product, SO2 removal efficiency, whether FGD is built from new with the plant or retrofitted to an existing coal-fired unit and start year of the FGD system. Four separate indexes of plant, utility/operator, FGD supplier and FGD system are also provided. The information in this report is drawn from information held on IEA Coal Research databases for FGD systems and installations for conventional coal-fired plants. These are constantly updated and are available for searches.

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