Coal preparation - automation and control, IEAPER/22

Author(s): Gordon Couch

Ref: IEAPER/22
ISBN: 92-9029-264-4
Published Date: 01/02/1996
No. of Tables: 20
No. of Figures: 17
No. of Pages: 61


Coal preparation and coal cleaning are playing an increasingly important role in the coal-to-electricity chain. Preparation and cleaning have traditionally been necessary for most coking coals, and for those sized fractions used in the domestic and industrial markets in many countries, but have been of less importance for thermal coals. Preparation is the term used to describe the production of sized coals for different markets, with the use of separation processes to minimise the presence of mineral matter. Cleaning implies optimising the separation processes to remove the maximum amount of unwanted impurities. The control and automation of coal cleaning plants offers the opportunity of achieving higher recoveries of combustibles from the operations; of optimising the economics of cleaning and of producing more consistent products. The accuracy and reliability of sensing devices are of fundamental importance to any control system. In recent years, computers have been increasingly used in connection with process control, because of their capacity to analyse large amounts of data and to initiate a control signal which can be used to adjust some desired control function. Because of the limitations of instrumentation and control equipment, plant operators and management continue to play a vital direct role in the control and optimisation of plant. However, new techniques are being used which have considerable potential in terms of providing more accurate information in real time on the basis of which new control algorithms can be developed. These techniques include various forms of on-line analysis for both solids on a belt, and for some slurries. They also include nucleonic methods for measuring the density of bed material in a jig during pulsation. This report, highlights recent progress and shows, with examples, what is currently achievable. Author(s) Gordon Couch Ref IEAPER/22 92-9029-264-4 Date February 1996 No. Pages 61 No. Figures No. Tables

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