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Mercury speciation in flue gas treatment system, H. Moritomi
EPA Research on the Control of Mercury Emissions from Coal-fired Power Plants, Nick Hutson
Factors Affecting Mercury Oxidation, Hong YAO
Balance-of-Plant Impacts Observed When Injecting Activated Carbon for Mercury Control Between an Electrostatic Precipitator and a Fabric Filter, John Pavlish
Mercury removal from Coal derived Fuel Gas by Iron Based Sorbents, Eiji Sasaoka, Md, Azhar Uddin, Masaki Ozaki, Dr Shengji Wu
Mercury and Other Trace Element Emissions from Coal Fired Power Plants in Japan, Shigeo Ito, Takahisa Yokoyama and Kazuo Asakura
The Fate of Mercury in Dutch Coal-Fired Power Stations, Dr. Ruud Meij & Henk te Winkel
Technology for Mercury Emissions Control in a High SO3 Environment, Shin G. Kang, Ed Rebula and Yan Lachowicz
Mercury Oxidation by SCR Catalyst, Hirofumi Kikkawa
Mercury emission control by coal blending using a simulation tool to predict the mercury partitioning in coal coal-fired power stations, Naoki Fujiwara
Influence of Ammonia on Mercury Behaviour, Harald Thorwarth, Günter Scheffknecht
Modeling and behavior of mercury in solid-fuel combustion systems: boilers and cement kilns, Connie Senior
Evaluating Sources of Mercury in Atmospheric Deposition in Japan, Masahiro Sakata
Hg-CEM Measurement Experiences in a Coal fired Power Plant, J. Korell, H.-R. Paur, H. Seifert
Emission Characteristics of Mercury from Coal Power Plants and Other Combustion Facilities with the Efforts to Manage Mercury in Korea, Yong-Chil Seo, Sang-Hyup Lee, Jung-Hun Kim, Jongsoo Jurng, Si Hyup Lee, Kyu-Shik Park
Mercury Speciation in Flue Gas and Removal in Several Chinese Coal-Fired Power Plants with Different APCD’s, Yufeng Duan
Mercury in the European Union, Milena Horvat
An Update on the U.S. DOE’s Mercury Control Technology R&D Program, B. Andrew O’Palko

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