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Mercury Emissions Control Workshop, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, 26-27 June 2008

Opening remarks and welcome on behalf of the sponsors/organisers:

Lesley Sloss IEA CCC, UK
Peter Nelson Macquarrie University, Australia
Lee Eeles Dept, Environment Water, Heritage and the Arts, Australia

Session 1 Emissions and legislation
Co-chairs: Peter Nelson, Macquarrie University, Australia
Nick Hutson, US EPA, USA
Mercury in Australia: sources, measurement and legislative and voluntary measures
Peter Nelson, Macquarrie University, Australia
Mercury wet deposition measurements and coal fired power station contributions: preliminary results from an Australian study
Uma Dutt, Peter Nelson, Anthony Morrison, Vladimir Strezov, Macquarie University, Australia
Measurement and modelling study of mercury deposition over the Yellow Sea between China and Korea
Shang Gyoo Shim, Jin Young Kim, Hyoun Cheol Jin and Jongsoo Jurng, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Milena Horvat, JSI, Slovenia
Multi-media exposure assessment for mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants
Takahisa Yokoyama, CRIEPI, Japan
Update on the US EPA mercury reduction strategy. Using a wet scrubber system for control of SO2, NOx, Hg2+ and Hg0 in coal flue gas
Nick Hutson, US EPA, USA
DOE/NETL’s mercury control technology R&D program – from concept to commercial reality
Thomas Feeley, Andrew O’Palko, Andrew Jones, US DOE/NETL, USA

Session 2: Mercury behaviour and control
Co-chairs Terry Wall, University of Newcastle, Australia
Tom Feeley, US DOE, NETL
Reaction behaviour of mercury compounds under combustion conditions
Ryo Yoshiie and Ichiro Naruse, Nagoya University, Japan
Mercury capture within ESPs: using full-scale data and mass transfer modelling to correlate mercury capture with ESPs
Herek Clack, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Capture and oxidation of elemental mercury by fly ash particles in coal combustion flue gas
Shigeo Ito, CRIEPI, Japan, Hiroshi Moritomi, Gifu University, Japan
The role of FGD in mercury speciation and distribution in lignite burning power plant
Andrej Stergarsek, Milena Horvat, Joze Kotnik, Peter Frkal, David Kocman, Radojko Jacimovic, Vesna Fajon, Maja Ponikvar, Iztok Hrastel
Characterisation of sulphur and mercury removal in flue gas from a novel integrated dusulphuriser (NID) in a 100MW coal-fired power plant
Yufeng Duan, Southeast University, China
Mercury emission estimation and reduction effect by SCR installation at coal-fired plants in Korea
Yong Chil Seo, Yonsei University, Korea
KNX and PRAVO – a perfect duo for wet mercury capture
Bernhard Vosteen, Vosteen Consulting GmbH, Germany
Characteristics of mercury species captured on solid sorbents
Azhar Uddin, Okayama University, Japan

Session 3: Mercury control – the global approach and UNEP
Co-chairs John Whitelaw, UNEP
Lesley Sloss, IEA CCC
Economics of mercury control technology as applied to combustion sources
Connie Senior, Reaction Engineering International, USA
Best available control technologies – the situation in Germany
Harald Thorwath, EnBW, Germany
Estimating mercury emissions from coal-fired power stations in China
Steve Niksa, Niksa Energy Associates, USA
Kick-off of the partnership between China and Japan on mercury emissions from coal
Hiroshi Moritomi, Gifu University (ERES), Japan
UNEP’s global mercury initiative
John Whitelaw, UNEP Chemicals, Switzerland

Kogan Creek supercritical power plant
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