IEA Clean Coal Centre

Workshop on Cofiring Biomass with Coal

Summary of presentations given at the workshop, written by Irene Smith

Presentations given at Drax Power Station, UK, 25-26 January 2011  

John Topper, IEA Clean Coal Centre, UK

Session 1 Sustainability

The development of the 500MW co-firing facility at Drax power station
Matthew Griffin, Drax power station

Sustainability of feedstocks for biomass cofiring
Dr Patricia Thornley, Tyndall Centre, University of Manchester, UK

Challenges facing expansion and future of cofiring - will cofiring survive the battle of the renewables?
Jan Middelkamp, KEMA, Netherlands

Session 2 International Perspectives

Potential for cofiring biomass with coal in Malaysia
Dr Adlansyah Abd Rahman, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia

Cofiring biomass with lignite at Greek power plants - framework, current initiatives and future perspectives
E. Karampinis, P. Grammelis, Em. Kakaras, Institute for Solid Fuels Technology and Applications, Greece

Canadian perspectives on biomass production and distribution
Robert Tarcon, Premium Pellet Ltd, Canada

Session 3 Emissions

Effects of cofiring on emissions and by-product quality
Ronald van Eijk, Henk te Winkel, KEMA, Netherlands

Challenges with emission control at Avedøre Unit 2 by firing wood pellets
Martin Lindberg, DONG Energy, Denmark

NOx formation in cofiring pulverised coal and biomass in power station boiler units
LI Darvell, JM Jones, L Ma, M Pourkashanian, A Williams

Biomass ash and the mixed ashes from cofiring biomass with coal
Dr WR Livingston

Session 4 Torrefaction

Milling and combustion properties of torrefied biomass, a potential cofiring fuel
TG Bridgeman, LI Darvell, B Gudka, EM Fisher, JM Jones, D W
aldron, A Williams

ECN's torrefaction-based BO2-technology for biomass upgrading into commodity fuel
Dr Jaap Kiel, ECN, Netherlands

Update on torrefaction activities of Canadian industry
Sebnem Madrali, Staffan Melin, David Lapointe,  Natural Resources Canada

Session 5 Experiences

Avedøre Unit 2 - the worlds's largest biomass-fuelled CHP plant
Henrik D Sørensen, DONG Energy, Denmark

Developments and experiences of cofiring solid received fuels (SRF) in the coal power sector
G Dunnu, J Maier, A Fuller, G Scheffknecht

Cofiring biomass, Alstom's work at Drax
Robert Woolley, Alstom, UK

Session 6 Closing Session

ECN practice-driven biomass cofiring R&D services
Mariusz Cieplik, ECN, Netherlands

Health aspects of cofiring biomass
Susan Weatherstone, E.On, UK





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