IEA Clean Coal Centre


UNEP Coal Partnership and Mini-MEC Meeting

9-10 December 2010


Day 1: Thursday 9 December 2010, Mini-MEC meeting

  1. Update on UNEP Mercury Programme
    Gunnar Futsaeter, UNEP, Geneva
  2. Report on US EPA Mercury toolkit applications
    Jeff Ryan and Rey Forte, US EPA, USA
  3. Update on mercury research and development needs
    Evan Granite, US DOE, USA
  4. Mercury in oxyfuel combustion conditions
    Connie Senior, Reaction Engineering, USA
  5. Operating conditions that promote Hg0 re-emission during FGD scrubbing
    Steve Niksa and Balaji Krishnajumar, Niksa Energy Associates, USA
  6. Observations on Hg emissions and control from the 2010 US EPA ICR
    Nick Hutson, US EPA, USA
  7. Hg in coal
    Alan Kolker, USGS, USA
  8. US EPA's ISIS model of the cement sector
    Wojciech Joziewicz, ARCADIS, USA
  9. ASGM and Hg issues in Peru
    Jeff Ryan ,US EPA, USA
  10. Summary of EPA Research related to emissions from cook stoves
    Bob Thompson, US EPA, USA

Day 2: Friday 10th December 2010, UNEP Coal Partnership Area Meeting

  1. Update on POG and associated workshops
    Wojciech Joziewicz, ARCADIS, USA
  2. Update on UNEP Hg work in Russia (and India)
    Wojciech Joziewicz, ARCADIS, USA
  3. Update on UNEP Hg work in China and South Africa
    Lesley Sloss, IEA CCC, UK
  4. Report on US EPA toolkit testing in Russia and South Africa
    Jeff Ryan, USA
  5. UNEP Coal Partnership Area - Business plan
    Lesley Sloss, IEA CCC, London




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