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Underground coal gasification workshop

The first workshop was a result of discussions between Eskom, the Fossil Fuel Foundation (FFF), the Underground Coal Gasification Association (UCGA) and IEA Clean Coal Centre. The main aim of the workshop was to bring together local and international underground coal gasification (UCG) experts to discuss current developments. Papers can be downloaded from the links below and from the Fossil Fuel Foundation website

Workshop overview - John Kessels

Presentations given at Johannesburg, South Africa, 13-15 July 2011  

Welcome from the FFF by  Bill Lamont,  FFF President

Welcome from the IEA CCC by John Topper, IEA CCC, Managing Director 

Session 1 – Current UCG Projects

Plenary - Global development of Underground Coal Gasification
Julie Lauder, CEO UCG Association

Plenary - Eskom UCG strategic intent
Chris Gross and Mark van der Riet, Eskom

UCG in New Zealand - challenges and successes
Steven Pearce, Solid Energy Zealand Ltd

UCG developments in Central Europe
Johan Brand, WildHorse Energy

Session 2 – Future UCG Projects

The Springbok Flats Coalfield; a major untapped  source of energy: why this coalfield should not be the focus for UCG
Oliver Barker, Banzi Geotechnics cc

The UCG potential of Botswana
Alan Golding, Analytika Holdings

African integrated clean coal energy development
Mike Nightingale, Coal Wealth Botswana(Pty) Limited

Applicability of the Mine Health & Safety Act 29 of 1996 on UCG operations
Lou Duvenage, Eskom

Session 3 – Engineering

Key elements of specification and design of above ground UCG pilot facilities
Clyde Foster, MegChem Engineering and Drafting Services

Engineering of a 100-140 MW demonstration UCG power plant: a study in progress
Shaun Pershad, Eskom

UCG gas co-firing probability of SO2 emission reduction
Thabo Papo, Eskom

UCG raw gas containments and required cleanup for various fuel, chemical and power applications
Jon Erikson, Black & Veatch

UCG syngas fuelled externally fired micro gas turbine
Binay Maharaj, Sipho Mkhabela, Megashnee Munsamy, Eskom

Session 4 – Geosciences

Plenary - Linc Energy experience
Jannie Lourens, Linc Energy

The Eskom Majuba UCG project: historical geoscience research and future challenges
Verdine Samuels, Eskom

The importance of understanding the conceptual hydrogeology at UCG sites to ensure correct monitoring borehole design for impact assessment on aquifer systems
Gerhard van der Linde, Golder & Associates Africa (Pty) Ltd

Session 5 – Finance

Financial presentation
Catherine Bond, Clean Coal Ltd, UK

Session 6 – Future Opportunities

Hydrogen recovery from UCG gas: experimental data of hydrogen separation from UCG gas using a polymer membrane
Mark van Schagen, University of the Western Cape/ Eskom

Sequestration of supercritical CO2 in coal fly ash
Thembane Mlambo, Council for Geoscience

Pump Hydrogen … Underground?
Shehzaad Kauchali, University of the Witwatersrand

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