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09:15                     SESSION 1 – UNEP AND COAL PARTNERSHIP UPDATE      Chair – Lesley Sloss

09:15-09:30         Update on the UNEP Mercury Programme

                                Gunnar Futsaeter, UNEP Chemicals, Geneva

09:30-10:00         Update on UNEP’s POG/IPOG tool for determining mercury control strategy from coal-fired power plants

                                Wojciech Jozewicz, Arcadis, USA and Steve Niksa, Niksa Associates, USA

10:00-10:30         Global Perspectives on managing mercury emissions

                                Jozef Pacyna, NILU, Norway

11:00                     SESSION 2 – NATIONAL INVENTORIES

                                Chair -  Jozef Pacyna

11:00-11:30         EPA’s Mercury Toolkit for International Coal-Fired Utility Emissions Characterizations

                                Jeff Ryan, US EPA, USA

11:30-12:00         Emission testing at two South African power stations using the US EPA’s emission toolkit

                                Greg Scott, DEA, South Africa

12:00-12:30         Mercury inventory by measurement and tool kit – ongoing and future works in the Republic of Korea

                                Yong-chil Seo, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea


13:30-14:00         Characteristics of Polish coking coals considering future regulations for mercury emission

                                Janusz Golas, AGH University of Science and Technology , Poland

14:00-14:30         MACT regulations in the USA

                                Jeff Ryan, US EPA, USA

14:30-14:45         US EPA's Air Toxics Standards (Status 2011) (provided AFTER the meeting)

Bernhard Vosteen, Vosteen Consulting, Germany

14:45-15:50         Discussion on the US EPA MACT


15:30-16:00         Summary of USGS coal quality data for mercury and chlorine in South African coal

                                Allan Kolker, USGS, USA

16:00-16:30         Speciation of mercury in South African coals

                                Julien Makiese, Wits University, South Africa

16:30-17:00         Methods of spectroscopic determination of metals, including mercury, in South African coals

                                Nikolay Panichev, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa


Thursday 19th May

05:15-08:30         EARLY MORNING GAME DRIVE                               SESSION 5 – MERCURY MEASUREMENT         Chair – John Pavlish 11:00-11:30         Development of mercury monitoring toolkit in Japan

                                Hiroshi Moritomi, Gifu University, Japan             

11:30-12:00         Low cost continuous mercury speciating method for ambient air and point source emissions

                                Joseph Siperstein, Ohio Lumex, USA

12:00-12:30         Ambient mercury monitoring in South Africa

                                Kgaugelo Chiloane, Eskom, South Africa


                     SESSION 6 – MERCURY BEHAVIOUR IN COAL-FIRED PLANTS          Chair – Peter Nelson


13:30-14:00         Behaviour of mercury in coal-fired boilers and air pollution control devices: a review of recent full-scale data in the US             

                                Connie Senior, ADA ES, USA

14:00-14:30         Control of mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants and the potential for increased black carbon emissions

                                Herek Clack, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

14:30-15:00         Interpreting the re-emission of elemental mercury during wet FGD scrubbing

                                Stephen Niksa, Niksa Associates, USA

15:00-15:30         Questions, answers and discussion


09:00                     SESSION 7 – ENHANCED MERCURY CONTROL     Chair – Wojciech Jozewicz


09:00-09:30         Enhancing Mercury Capture to Meet Global Mercury Reductions with Sorbent Enhancement Additives

                                John Pavlish, EERC, USA

09:30-10:00         Mercury sorbents that allow continued use of fly ash in concrete

                                Florian Kohl, Albermarle, USA

10:00-10:30         Bromine injection technology demonstrations at Plant Miller for removing vapor phase mercury 

                                M Berry, B W Vosteen, Corey Tyree, Southern Company, USA


11:00                     Session 7 – continued             Chair – Herek Clack


11:00-11:30         Predicting the multipollutant performance of full-scale SCR systems with bromine addition

                                Steve Niksa, Niksa Associates, USA

11:30-12:00         Behaviour of various alloys in a steam boiler at the Ramat Hovav facility using fuel oil spiked with bromide and chloride

                                Mira Frieberg, ICL-IP, Israel

12:00-12:30         Effect of pre-combustion bromide addition on mercury emissions from a full-scale bituminous coal unit equipped with co-benefit controls

                                Corey Tyree and Bernard Vosteen

12:30                     CLOSE OF MEETING

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