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Second International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies for our Future, Sardinia, Italy, October 2005

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Keynote presentations
Where do we go from here? John Topper
What does it take to get CCTs deployed? Adolf Aumuller
What Does It Take To Get CCT’s Deployed? Barry Worthington

Advanced technology for clean and efficient coal firing
Combined binary cycles using combustion gases, alkali metal and
steam as working fluids
Gianfranco Angelino, Costante Invernizzi
Review of the AD700 technology: a European route to clean
combustion of coal
J. Bugge, S. Kjaer, R. Vanstone, F. Klauke, C. Stolzemberger,
F. Bregani, S. Concari
Integration of a component test facility into a 700 MW coal-fired
power station

Christian Folke, Ulrich Franke, Helmut Tschaffon
Master design for coal fired power plants and further
development steps

Hans-Joachim Meier
Experimental and numerical investigations in a near-burner
region of a laboratory scale burner
N.G. Orfanoudakis, A. Hatziapostolou, K. Krallis, K. Sardi, A. Fatsis,
N. Vlachakis, St. A. Mavromatis, V.D. Tsoukalas
Advantages of Ultra Super Critical technology in power

Hans H. Poulsen
Future proofing options for carbon abatement of advanced
supercritical coal-fired power plants

Douglas Spalding

CO2 capture and sequestration
CO2 geological storage by ECBM techniques in the Sulcis area (SW
Sardinia Region, Italy)
C. Amorino, R. Bencini, R. Cara, D. Cinti, G. Deriu, V. Fandinò,
A. Giannelli, M. Mazzotti, S. Ottiger, L. Pizzino, R. Pini, F. Quattrocchi,
R. G. Sardu, G. Storti, N. Voltattorni
Applications of oxygen for NOx control and CO2 capture in coal-fired
power plants

Fabienne Châtel-Pélage, Rajani Varagani, Pavol Pranda, Nicolas Perrin,
Hamid Farzan, Stanley J. Vecci, Yongqi Lu, Scott Chen,
Massoud Rostam-Abadi, Arun C. Bose
Oxygen transport membrane and fluidized bed combustion for low-CO2
emission coal fired power plants

Paolo Chiesa, Giovanni Lozza, Matteo Romano
The answer of CFB technology to the greenhouse gas problem: CO2
postcombustion capture and oxycombustion in supercritical CFB boilers

Rosa Domenichini, Timo Hyppanen
CO2 capture: A feasible vision for Germany?
Dag Martinsen, Jochen Linssen, Peter Markewitz, Stefan Vögele
Prospects for CO2 capture and storage
Jacek Podkanski, Dolf Gielen
The cost of CO2 capture
Edward S. Rubin, John Davison
CO2 capture using fly ash-derived activated carbons impregnated
with low molecular mass amines
Karl M. Smith, Ana Arenillas, Trevor C. Drage, Colin E. Snape
Comparison of energy penalties of CO2 capture by anti-sublimation
depending on the CO2 concentration

M. Younes, D. Clodic, R. El Hitti, A. Bill

Coal cleaning
Coal recovery from waste fines of the Nuraxi Figus coal treatment
plant by selective flotation

Carlo Amorino, Alessandra Madeddu, Marcello Ghiani, Caterina Tilocca,
Giuseppe Deriu, Paolo Cimino
Organic sulfur removal of Tabas coal by Rhodococcus bacteria
isolated from oily soils
E. Jorjani, B. Rezai, H. Jorjani
The effect of solvent swelling for the production of ashless coal
Aylin Kurman, Sultan Giray, Özgür Sönmez
A preliminary work on Sulcis coal leaching with mineral acids
Giampaolo Mura, Antonio Lallai, Claudio Perdighe, Carlo Amorino,
Rafaele Cara, Giuseppe Deriu, Paolo Cimino

Coal gasification
The Exergy underground coal gasification technology and its
application in commercial clean coal projects
Michael S. Blinderman
Small scale test rig based on a two-stage reactor for testing COshift
conversion processes

Giorgio Cau, Giampaolo Mura, Maurizio Pinna, Stefano Sollai
Computer simulation and performance evaluation of fixed-bed
coal gasification processes

Giorgio Cau, Daniele Cocco, Vittorio Tola
The benefits of IGCC R. S. Horton
Coal gasification in Spain. Experience and future
Francisco Garcia Peña, Pedro Casero Cabezón , Maria Belen Garcia Garcia
Study on the structural change and heat transfer characteristics of
ash deposit layers in the coal gasifier
Kazuyoshi Ichikawa, Yuso Oki, Jun Inumaru
A zero emission IGCC power plant based on an oxy-fuel
combustion power cycle
Philippe Mathieu, Frédéric van Loo
Numerical analysis of 2 t/day entrained flow coal gasifier
Yohsuke Matsushita, Akinori Goto, Yoshio Morozumi, Hideyuki Aoki,
Takatoshi Miura, Akemitsu Akimoto, Toru Akiyama, Hiroaki Tominaga,
Toru Yamashita
HSC’s waste anthracite gasified for economical anthracite drying
and industrial process heat

Rolf E. Maurer, A.R. Pooler, Massimo Marenco, Francesco Repetto,
George M. Roskos, III
The GSP Process – entrained-flow gasification of different types
of coal

Manfred Schingnitz, Friedemann Mehlhose
Update of Nuon Power Buggenum plant performance and fuel flexibility
C. Wolters, M. Kanaar
Co-utilisation of coal, biomass, and other fuels
Co-combustion of coal and Sulcis municipal solid waste in a
circulating fluidized bed combustor

Carlo Amorino, Giovanni Raggio, Alessandra Madeddu, Giorgio Cau,
Thomas Zotter, Thomas Ortner
Co-utilization of coal and waste in a fluidized bed boiler in
Neumünster, Germany

H. Anderl, E. Offenbacher, T. Ortner
The effect of biomass co-combustion on DeNOx catalysts
J. Beck, S. Unterberger, G. Scheffknecht, A. Jensen, Y. Zheng,
J.E. Johnsson
Full-scale co-firing of straw, experience and perspectives
Klaus Friborg, Peter Overgaard, Bo Sander, Helle Junker,
Ole Hede Larsen, Ejvind Larsen, Kate Wieck-Hansen
UK experience of biomass co-firing
M.J.F. Colechin, P.J. Canning
Increasing co-firing of biomass in Dutch coal-fired power plants
Ton Konings, Ronald Meijer
Co-gasification of coal and wood to reduce environmental

Giovanni Pino, Martino Paolucci, Francesco Geri,
F. Tunzio, G. Spazzafumo
Preparation and combustion of high sulphur content coal
briquettes with biomass and wastes

Pavel Sedlácek, Marcela Šafárová, Josef Valeš, Peter Fecko,
Silvie Riedlová
Poor quality coals and wastes pyrolysis for clean coal production
G. Skodras, P. Natas, G.P. Sakellaropoulos

Flue gas clean-up
The industrial plant for electron beam flue gas treatment –
experiences and perspectives

Andrzej G. Chmielewski, Andrzej Pawelec, Bogdan Tyminski,
Zbigniew Zimek
On the use of Sulcis coal mineral matter for dry desulphurisation
of flue gas

Giampaolo Mura, Antonio Lallai, Carlo Amorino, Rafaele Cara,
Giuseppe Deriu, Paolo Cimino
Developing low-cost carbon-based sorbents for Hg capture from
flue gas

Ron Perry, János Lakatos, Colin E. Snape, Cheng-gong Sun
Flue gas cleanup at temperatures about 1400°C for a coal fired combined cycle power plant: state and perspectives in the
pressurized pulverized coal combustion (PPCC) project
M. Förster, F. Neumann, D. Pavone, R. Telöken
Low-cost carbon pellets for NOX reduction
Jose María Soriano-Mora, Agustín Bueno-López, Avelina García-García,
Ron Perry, Colin E. Snape
Polish industrial coal power stations (15 GW capacity) – problems
with IPPC directive implementation

K. Stanczyk, M. Bieniecki, J.Swiadrowski
Trace element behaviour in air pollution control devices
Harald Thorwarth, Sven Unterberger, Günter Scheffknecht
Influence of coal properties on particulate emission control in
thermal power plants in india

D. Visuvasam, P. Selvaraj, S. Sekar

Hydrogen and clean fuels
SOTACARBO R&D project for hydrogen and clean fuels
production from coal gasification and CO2 removal

Carlo Amorino, Enrico Maggio, Alessandro Orsini, Francesco Repetto,
Maria Luisa Pelizza, Federica Pratola, Giuseppe Girardi,
Antonio Calabrò, Giorgio Cau, Daniele Cocco
Coal gasification pilot plant for hydrogen production.
Part A: coal gasification and syngas desulphurization. 
Part B: syngas conversion and hydrogen separation

Giovanni Raggio, Alberto Pettinau, Alessandro Orsini, Marcella Fadda,
Daniele Cocco, Paolo Deiana, Maria Luisa Pelizza, Massimo Marenco
Life cycle analysis of greenhouse gas emissions for hydrogen fuel
production in the USA from LNG and coal
John Ruether, Massood Ramezan, Eric Grol
Hydrogen production by catalytic gasification of Hyper-coal
(ash free coal extract)
Jie Wang, Kinya Sakanishi, Ikuo Saito,Takayuki Takarada
International perspectives on CCTs
Coal technologies R&D: a key for enhancing power generation in
F. Bregani
Drivers shaping the return of King Coal to the Italian power

Giuliano Ceradelli
Clean coal technology: Canadian perspective
Murlidhar Gupta, Bill Pearson, Kourosh Zanganeh
Status and development of Clean Coal Technologies in China
Li Wenhua
Strategy for sustainable power generation from fossil fuels:
clean coal technology R&D in a European context

J.T. McMullan, A. Minchener
Coal fired power generation in China: prospects and challenges
Andrew J Minchener, Pasi Makkonnen
Options for Australia – research supporting the introduction of

Frank van Schagen, Lila W Gurba
Aspects of the clean coal technology research and development program in SASOL
J.H.P. van Heerden, H.B. Louwrens, R.H. Matjie, M. Ginster, J.H. Slaghuis, J.C. van Dyk, T.B. Hlatshwayo, N. Basson


Shanghai supercritical power plant
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