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Third International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies for our Future 15 - 17 May 2007, Cagliari and Sotacarbo Coal Research Centre, Carbonia Sardinia, Italy Conference Presentations

PDF files of the presentations can be downloaded from the links below:

Keynote session 1 - Coal policies and energy security
Chair: Mario Porcu, Conference Organiser
Justin Swift, U.S. D.o.E
Anton Pflüger, International Energy Agency - Giorgio Palazzi, ENEA

International perspectives on CCTs
Chair: Greg Tosen
Research aspects in CCT for Sasol R&D – follow-up on 2005 / J. van Heerden
RDID&D Perspectives towards climatechangeless coal technologies in Brazil / F. Zancan, Z. Carretta Correa da Silva, C. Sartori Santarosa, J. M. Ketzer, P. Cunha, R. Valdetaro Bianchini, J. M. Faim Martins
Scenarios of coal technology development – Energy foresight for Poland by 2030 / K. Stañczyk, K. Czaplicka-Kolarz, J. Swiadrowski
Clean coal: a compendium of Canada's engagement / D. Bulut, L. Dell
Clean coal technologies – Indian scenario / R. K. Sachdev

Oxyfuel combustion
Chair: Frank van Schagen
Oxyfuel CO capture for pulverised coal – an evolutionary approach / G. Sekkappan, R. Panesar, S. A. Hume
Investigation of oxy-coal combustion in semi-technical test facilities / B. Dhungel, P. Mönckert, J. Maier, G Scheffknecht
Combustion of pulverized fuel under oxycoal conditions at low oxygen concentrations / D. Toporov, M. Förster, R. Kneer
State of the art of oxy-coal combustion technology for CO control from coal-fired boilers. “Are we ready for commercial installation?” / H. Farzan, S. Vecci, D. McDonald, K. McCauley, P. Pranda, R. Varagani, F. Gautier, J.-P. Tranier, N. Perrin
The Saskatchewan advantage - SaskPower: clean coal project update / B. Stobbs

Achievements in coal gasification technologies (1)
Chair: Giampaolo Manfrida
A thermodynamic study of a novel zero-emissions power plant, based on hydrogasification of coal / G. Lozza, M. Romano / Revised version of paper available
Process analysis and performance evaluation of updraft coal gasifiers / V. Tola, G. Cau
Gasification characteristics of Western Canadian feed stocks / A. Amarnath, D. du Plessis
CFD and FEM thermo-mechanical design of a recuperative-dissipative heat exchanger for a laborator y water gas shift reactor / M. Vascellari, S. Sollai, P. F. Orrù, G. Cau
A simulation study for oxygasification of coal / S. Ozdogan, A. Ersoz, E. Caglayan, H. Olgun

Pacific Rim perspectives on CCTs
Chair: Jacek Podkanski
Clean coal technologies in Australia – an update / F. van Schagen, N. Simento
Application of clean coal technologies to New Zealand coals / A. H. Clemens, T. W. Matheson, R. E. Winans
Development of a strategy for CO mitigation for coal fired power generation in the Korean electricity industry / D.-S. Jang, J.-I. Baek, H.-Kueon Jung, A. Minchener
Concept of NEDO's clean coal technology strategy / K. Kohgami

Towards zero emissions with CCTs
Chair: Peter Tørslev
A hypothesis of a 650 MW zero-emissions plant integrated with a sub-bituminous coal mine in south-west Sardinia M. Porcu, C. Amorino, A. Pettinau, C. Puddu
The ZECOMIX test platform for zero emission hydrogen and power production from coal / A. Calabrò, P. Deiana, S. Stendardo, G. Girardi
Integration of oxy-combustion and cryo-carbon capture in a "zero emission" coal fired power generation process in view of the retrofit of existing power plants / P. Avanzini
Progressing pulverized coal plants to near-zero emissions performance / J. Wheeldon, T. Facchiano, G. Offen
EC activities towards zero emission power generation / P. Ortiz de la Torre

Hydrogen and clean fuels (1)
Chair: Giorgio Cau
SOTACARBO coal-to-hydrogen pilot plant: project development and plant analysis / C. Amorino, G. Calì, M. Fadda, E. Maggio, A. Pettinau
Pressurized SOFC hybrid systems fed by coal pyrolysis syngas from coal / A. Franzoni, L. Magistri, A. Traverso, A. F. Massardo, G. Gigliucci, J. Riccardi
Development of palladium alloy membranes for hydrogen separation from synthesis gas in membrane reactors M. Broglia, P. Pinacci, M. Radelli, A. Bottino, G. Capanelli, A. Comite
Modeling of advanced technologies for hydrogen production from coal / H. Berg Cortesi
Modeling of hydrogen sulfide removal from hot coal syngas in a coal-to-hydrogen pilot plant / C. Frau, A. Orsini, M. Caboni, G. Raggio

Coal cleaning
Chair: Colin Henderson
Advances in coal flotation technology / P. Carbini, R. Ciccu, M. Ghiani, C. Tilocca, F. Satta
One year of operating experience with a prototype fluidized bed coal dryer at Coal Generating Creek Station / N. Sarunac, M. Ness, C. Bullinger

Chinese perspectives on CCTs
Chair: Trevor Matheson
The development status of clean coal technology in China / Xu Zhengang, Wang Lin
Coal resources for power generation in China / A. J. Minchener
R&D and industrialization of coal liquefaction technology in China / Wenbo Li, Kejian Li
The BGL gasification technology – application of slagging technology to gasify as received lignite in China / A. R. Williams, D. J. Brown, M. A. Seed, H. Hirschfelder
Research and future development of alternative energy sources in China / Yu Zhufeng, Wu Lixin, Ren Shihua

Carbon capture, storage, and use (1)
Chair: William Fernald
Clean coal technologies in a carbon constrained world / J. Kessels, S. Bakker
A model for the uptake of a gaseous compound by a particulate sorbent: the case of carbon dioxide sequestration with dolomite / S. Stendardo, G. Girardi, A. Calabrò, P. Deiana, P. U. Foscolo
A preliminary evaluation of the CO storage capacity of Italian geological reservoirs based on the interpretation of deep well data / F. Moia, E. Rondena, G. Locatelli, F. Quattrocchi, M. Buttinelli, B. Cantucci, M. Procesi
Safe land disposal of mixtures of soluble salts residuals: the ultimate frontier for the ZLD coal power plants / F. Sigon, M. Broglia, A. Frigerio

Hydrogen and clean fuels (2)
Chair: Johannes van Heerden
Hydrogen production through coal gasification in updraft gasifier with syngas treating line / P. Deiana, A. Pettinau, V. Tola
Co-production of hydrogen and electricity with CO capture / S. Arienti, J. Davison
Hydrogen power with carbon dioxide capture and storage: BP's experience to date and future challenges / B. Senior
Thermoeconomic analysis of an innovative CO zero emission process for the co-production of hydrogen and power / P. Fiorini, A. Calabrò, E. Sciubba, G. Girardi, P. Deiana, S. Stendardo

Co-utilisation of coal, biomass, and other fuels
Chair: Hubert Höwener
Considerations on valorization of biomass origin materials in co-combustion with coal in fluidized beds / I. Gulyurtlu, P. Abelha, H. Lopes, A. Crujeira, I. Cabrita
A mathematical model for coal and biomass gasification in a fixed bed reactor / M. Brundu, A. Lallai, G. Mura
Gas/solid partition of S, Cl and N during co-gasification of coal mixed with cardoon / I. Gulyurtlu, F. Pinto, H. Lopes, R. N. André, Mário Dias, I. Cabrita
Co-gasification of biomass with coal: a fast track to renewable hydrogen? / E. Fjermestad Hagen, F. Donatini, J. E. Hanssen

Advanced technology for clean and efficient coal-firing (1)
Chair: Hans-Joachim Meier
The deployment of clean power systems for coal / N. Otter
Coupled simulation of the combustion and steam generation process in large utility boilers / G. Scheffknecht, H. Dieter, J. Hetzer, U. Schnell, C. Götte, T. Sabel
Operating experience with COMTES700 - on track towards the 50plus power plant / C. Folke
CoalFleet for tomorrow – progress report / J. Parkes, N. Holt, J. Phillips, J. Wheeldon
A novel method for modelling the power station of the future / P. L. Stephenson

Carbon capture, storage, and use (2)
Chair: Andrew Minchener
CO capture and storage: possible bridging function for a future hydrogen economy? / J. Linssen, P. Markewitz, D. Martinsen, M. Walbeck
Cost analysis of CO capture by anti-sublimation applied for coal fired boilers / M. Younes, R. El Hitti, D. Clodic
Life cycle emissions from fossil fuel power plants with carbon capture and storage / N. A. Odeh, T. T. Cockerill
Application of carbon capture and sequestration technologies on power generation plants located in south-west Sardinia C. Puddu, A. Pettinau, C. Amorino
Development of post-combustion capture of CO within the CASTOR Integrated Project: Results from the pilot plant operation using MEA / P. H. M. Feron, M. Abu-Zahra, P. Alix, O. Biede, P. Broutin, H. de Jong, J. Kittel, J. Knudsen, L. Raynal, P. J. Vilhelmsen

Integrated gasification combined cycle generation
Chair: Jürgen-Friedrich Hake
Repowering older coal-fired generating units with integrated gasification combined cycle / J. P. Price
Pre-feasibility study of a flexible hydrogen-electricity co-production IGCC coal-fed plant with CO capture and sequestration / V. Fantini, F. Moia, L. Mazzocchi, V. Prandoni, P. Savoldelli
Gasifier concepts for hydrogen and electricity co-production with CO capture / C. C. Cormos, F. Starr, E. Tzimas, S. Peteves, A. Brown
Parametric cost-benefit analysis of integrated gasification combined cycle technology / C. Christou, I. Hadjpaschalis, A. Poullikkas
On the utilization of coal in integrated gasification combined cycles / S. Ozdogan, U. Kayahan, U. C. Guler

Combustion and flames
Chair: Ibrahim Gulyurtlu
Experimental investigation on the combustion behaviour of Greek brown coal with varying moisture content E. Kakaras, P. Grammelis, M. Agraniotis, C. Schlechter
Approach to coal combustion modelling in a well stirred reactor / A. Di Nardo, G. Calchetti, L. Mongibello, C. Mongiello
Coal flame performance monitoring with flame emission spectroscopy / T. Parameswaran, P. M. J. Hughes
Design, evaluation measurements and modelling of a small swirl stabilised laboratory burner / N. G. Orfanoudakis, A. Hatziapostolou, K. Krallis
Multi air staging for NOx reduction in re-circulating fluidised bed boilers / P. Grammelis, G. Skodras, V. Delvinquier, B. Lial, M. Prokopidou,
E. Kakaras, G. Sakellaropoulos

Advanced technology for clean and efficient coal-firing (2)
Chair: Franz Klemm
Trends in coal-fired power generation / R. M. Ambrosini
Cost of electricity challenges for fossil fired power plants today and tomorrow / H. J. Meier, F. Bauer
Methodology and implementation of online monitoring system on large scale pulverized fuel power plantsI. Rampidis, K. H. Chua, N. Koukouzas, E. Kakaras
A multi-wavelengths extinction based measuring system for particle size analysis and chemical species characterisation of exhausts in coal fired power plants / E. Golinelli, S. Musazzi, U. Perini

Carbon capture, storage, and use (3)
Chair: Harry Audus
Technical and environmental assessment of coal fired oxygen fed entrained flow IGCC power plants with CO capture / Y. Huang, A. Minchener, D. McIlveen-Wright, S. Rezvani, N. Hiwitt
Computer analysis and comparison among different CO separation systems / A. Perna, G. Liberati, G. Spazzafumo
Co-gasification of coal and biomass. Aspects of CO utilization for production of eco-fuels by innovative technologies / G. Pino, R. Marceca, M. Paolucci, F. Geri, C. Borgianni
Initial assessment of flexibility of pulverised coal-fired power plants with CO capture / H. Chalmers, J. Gibbins, M. Leach
Analysis of the most promising technologies in the field of modern coal power plants equipped with carbon dioxide capture and storage / A. Calabrò, P. Deiana, P. Fiorini, S. Stendardo, G. Girardi

Achievements in coal gasification technologies (2)
Chair: Duke du Plessis
Sulfur behaviour in the Sasol-Lurgi gasification process / M. P. Skhonde, T. J. van der Walt, R. H. Matjie
Laboratory facility for testing single and two-stage water-gas shift conversion reactions / S. Sollai, G. Cau
Application of the Exergy UCG technology in international industrial projects: the status update / M. S. Blinderman, G. Elliott, A. Metz, V. I. Pashenko, I. M. Saptikov, P. Bedi
Simulation model of a molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) fed by syngas / G. De Lorenzo, P. Fragiacomo
Clean and economical gasification of combined coal and biomass pelletized fuels by industries worldwide C. Amorino, A. Pettinau, R. Maurer, F. Larceri, F. Repetto, P. Wellhausen, P. Lange

Mercury behaviour, monitoring, and control
Chair: Lesley Sloss
Emerging control strategies for mercury – an international review / L. Sloss
Utilization of chemically modified heavy oil fly ash as a novel sorbent for the removal of vapor-phase mercury from coal-fired flue gas / J.-I. Baek, S.-H. Lee
Parameters influencing mercury behaviour in FGD systems / C. Acuña-Caro, H. Thorwarth, G. Scheffknecht, F. Delle
A source apportioned mercury mass balance across a coal-based petrochemical complex / N. J. Wagner, T. B. Hlatshwayo, M. Ginster
Field experience with mercury monitors / N. Sarunac, D. Cipriano, J. Ryan, J. Schakenbach

Special session: IEA studies on cleaner fossil fuels for the G8
Chair: Antonio Pflüger
Introduction to the G8 studies / N. Hirst
Developing the coal-fired power plant databases to support G8 activities / I. Barnes, R. Davidson, Qian Zhu
Case studies on recently constructed fossil-fired plants / C. Henderson
Implications of building 'capture-ready' power plants / R. Irons, J. Davison, G. Sekkappan, J. Gibbins
Update of G8 work on cleaner fossil fuels at the IEA Secretariat / S. Bhattacharya

Keynote session 2 - Next steps towards zero emissions
Chair: Barbara McKee, US DoE, Chair IEA WPFF, Vice Chair IEA Clean Coal Centre
Harry Audus, IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme - Sergio Garribba, Politecnico di Milano - Nick Otter, Alstom
Rinaldo Sorgenti, Assocarboni - Bob Stobbs, SaskPower - Fernando Zancan, Brazilian Coal Association

Keynote session 3 - Clean Coal Technologies: an essential priority
for the economic development and futher international cooperations

Chair: John Topper, IEA Clean Coal Centre
Carl Michael Smith, Southern States Energy Board - Brian Morris, U.K. D.T.I. - Pietro Barbucci, ENEL
Oliviero Bernardini, Autorità per l'Energia Elettrica e il Gas - Marcello Capra, Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico
Rinaldo Sorgenti, Assocarboni - Giuseppe Zampini, Ansaldo Energia

Closing session
Chair: John Topper, IEA Clean Coal Centre

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