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August 2014 - issue number 82

Welcome to the IEA Clean Coal Centre August 2014 Newsletter:

The IEA CCC Newsletter is produced six times a year. It reports on recent and upcoming reviews produced by the Centre, as well as listing major coal events, and other occasions when the Centre or members of the team are in the news. We also report on relevant work of the IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme.

What's In This Issue

CCT2015 Call for papers is openProgramme Available for 3rd Upgrading Workshop
Registration open for 2nd AUSC WorkshopProgramme available - CoFiring Biomass with coal
How much CO2 can be saved by upgrading the global coal fleet?What difference does coal blending make?
What are the prospects for coal in Turkey?News from the IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme
IEAGHG 8th International Interdisciplinary CCS Summer SchoolCombined Monitoring and Modelling Networks Meeting
IEAGHG Report: Biomass and CCS Guidance for accounting for negative emissionsAugust 2014 Publishing programme
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